11 Depression Symptoms You Must NEVER Ignore

Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms – Quick 30 Seconds Summary Depression is a major mood disorder that is experienced by 5% of the global population according to the World Health Organisation It is a complex and serious mental health issue that needs to be diagnosed and treated by psychiatrists or psychologists only. Symptoms of depression range include persistent … Read more

9 Depression Types You MUST KNOW About

Depression Types by Perfect Health Magazine

Depression Types – Quick 30 Seconds Summary Depression is a complex mental health issue that should be treated by professionals.  Globally 5% of adults suffer from depression but a fraction of them actually seek professional help.  There are many different types of depression. The type of depression defines how much and what treatment will be … Read more

Women’s Healthcare – 8 MUST READ TIPS for a Long & Healthy Life

Women's Health by Perfect Health Magazine

Quick 30 Seconds Summary of Women’s Health Perfect Health Magazine is celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 – March 8th by sharing 8 amazing women’s healthcare tips Women face many challenging health issues in life right from puberty till the time they age.  Health issues include menstrual cycle issues, hormonal imbalance issues, fertility issues and high … Read more

High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer : Meaning, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Blood Pressure by Perfect Health Magazine

Blood Pressure – Meaning & Overview: Blood pressure is a measure of force that your heart uses to pump blood through your body. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a medical condition where the blood is pumped with higher force and is continually met by strong resistance from the arteries.  According to the World Health … Read more

Top 6 Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms by Perfect Health Magazine

Menopause can be termed as the absence of a menstrual cycle in women for 12 months. Like the menstrual cycle, each woman may experience the symptoms of menopause differently. Some may experience no symptoms – physical and mental while some may experience most of the symptoms mentioned in this article. The intensity and severity of … Read more

6 Tips That Improve Your Immunity Naturally!

Immunity Blog By Perfect Health Magazine

Quick 30 Seconds Summary About Immunity Immune system is a large and complex network of organs, cells and chemicals that protects the body from attacks.  Immunity is the body’s ability to fight invaders such as bacteria, viruses, infections, and other ailments.  White blood cells, lymph nodes, bone marrow, etc are crucial elements of the immune … Read more

Hair Loss – The Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & Home Remedies

Hair Loss by Perfect Health Magazine

Quick 30 Seconds Summary of Guide To Hair Loss Hair loss is medically known as alopecia.  More than 147 million people suffer from hair loss globally.  Ageing, heredity, hormonal changes, stress, medical conditions, and wrong hair treatments cause hair loss.  Hair loss is treated through medication and in some cases surgery.  Alternative treatments found in … Read more